October Product Highlight : Gazebo


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Ask any random person to imagine a gazebo and you will get different answers. This is because the gazebo comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be long, round, square, freestanding or attached to a garden wall. Ask any random person and they will also tell you that installing a gazebo in your home adds a touch of class and fun to your backyard. This is because the gazebo serves as a multipurpose spot to conduct all kinds of activities from functioning as a quiet spot to read your favourite book to being the rendezvous point where you throw your barbecue parties. Of course, a well-chosen gazebo can also add a touch of romance and beautify your home as well.

In warm and sunny climates, gazebos come in plenty of categories from pagodas to pavilions and kiosks to belvederes. Here at Supercool Creative Culture Sdn Bhd, the team provides its customers with the option of installing a charming Balinese Gazebo in their homes.

With brown and honey coloured hues, the Balinese Gazebo for each home will be different as the specifications of the gazebo depends on the customer’s current house. This means that the designers at Supercool Creative Culture will exclusively design and build the Balinese Gazebo according to your preference and style. This means that customers will never have nightmares about having a giant gazebo in a pocket garden or having a tiny gazebo is a spacious garden. Buyers on a budget can also rest assured that the gazebo is reasonably priced.

Generally, a gazebo can either be an open or closed type. Closed gazebos are usually identified by walls and doors in its construction. The Balinese Gazebo however is an open type that is heldd up by columns similar to those stemming from Japanese garden landscaping designs. Another common element between the Balinese and Japanese garden landscaping design is that both design concepts are based on the intention of incorporating nature into their home, and therefore natural materials such as solid local wood is used to build the gazebo. Open gazebos are usually adorned with landscaping as well so visitors can sit in the gazebo and appreciate the beauty of your outdoor home.

The open concept is also idle not only for those who like to lounge outside while admiring the outdoors, but it is also a great place to enjoy fresh wind while being surrounded by nature. Having a gazebo is also great for those who would like a change from their home and yearn for a private space to read or meditate. A gazebo also functions as great place to gather family and guests, rather than squeezing everyone in the dining room.

For added beautification purposes, the gazebo is usually surrounded by low bushes and plants. A Balinese Gazebo would also look idyllic if it is constructed under an old towering tree that will further increase the cooling effect of the gazebo. If you are a home owner with a taste for water features such as a koi pond or a waterfall, situating your Balinese gazebo not only calms you, but it would also be a great place to find Zen-like inner peace.

An open concept gazebo such as the Balinese Gazebo also does great as a place to house potted plants that do not require as much sunlight, such as orchids. Due to the harsh weathers in Malaysia that rotate between heavy downpour and scorching hot temperatures, the Balinese Gazebo is intentionally constructed with either Chengal, Balau or Resak hardwood that has also been surface treated to ensure structural integrity.

While you are in the midst of ordering your very own Balinese Gazebo, may we suggest that you also have a look at Supercool’s pergola collection as these two furnishings would greatly complement each other.

Supercool Press Release


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In just six years, the company Supercool Creative Culture Sdn Bhd created by Royce Loy, Larry Yong and Chai Yuen Hey has now become locally recognized as the leading brand when it comes to providing customers with fashionably priced outdoor furniture. The company carries a healthy range of products- roof tiles, gazebo, pergola, timber fencing, timber gating, timber desks, skylight and furniture for the outdoor garden. The team also comprises of professionals qualified to advise the clients on landscaping designing.

Royce Loy, the Creative Director of Supercool Creative Culture Sdn Bhd has been interviewed in an article featured in Utusan Malaysia on 25th of July, 2010. In this article, Loy states the team believes in the timeless quality and beauty of wood. He also goes on to explain that the company’s success lies not only in the furniture being sold, but also because Supercool offers its clientele value added services including free quotations as well as the option to personally customize each and every piece of furniture in the collection.

Loy then further expounds on the integrity of their product by explaining that the company only integrates solid wood such as Chengal, Resak, Balau, Merbau and Keranji when it comes to construction of the furniture. Malaysians will be proud to know that this Malaysian company also owns Malaysian based factories in Puchong and Johor Bahru in order to guarantee good quality and high output rate while still keeping the overhead costs relatively low.

Regardless of whichever type of wood the client requests for, Loy explains that all of the furniture will undergo surface treatment to ensure ultra violet protection as well as to infuse the water-proof quality into the product. Some of the woods offered by the Supercool team such as Chengal also come with their own special attributes, such as being termite-free. While the Malaysian weather swings from sizzling temperatures to wet and humid downpours, the Supercool products can withstand all kinds of harsh environments with minimum maintenance. It is estimated that a new layer of surface treatment should be added to the furniture only after a long period of seven years.

At the moment, Supercool is promoting its British-Balinese Boutique collection that ranges from coffee tables, benches, swings, lounge chairs and lights. With an affordable price range starting from RM600 to RM3,000, the British-Balinese Boutique is simply hard to miss out on. The range is built from Rasak wood due to its innate attributes to be long lasting and of high quality. Because this array of furniture hails from the concept of presenting Balinese furniture with a British Colonial twist, customers have the grand option of spoiling themselves with colours as the furniture come in natural tones, dark chocolate, light chocolate and classic white.

Be sure to catch the team of Supercool Creative Culture Sdn Bhd at the next home expos as they will be at the HomeDec2010 from 30th September 2010 to 3rd October 2010 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. Malaysians on the Southern end of the peninsular can also catch the team at HomeFair 2010 from 15th to 17th October at the International Convention Centre JB.

Supercool’s Recent & Upcoming Activities


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Are you in the mood to renovate or refurbish your home? Come catch up with the Supercool team at the home expos! Malaysians based around the Klang Valley will be able to catch a glimpse of the latest wooden designs at HOMEDEC 2010 along with other top-notch exhibitors at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

Do note that this year’s HOMEDEC will be divided into two consecutive weekends. Part 1 will be held from 23rd to 26th of September. Supercool Culture Sdn Bhd will be present in the Part 2 of the expo which starts on the 30th of September and ends on the 3rd of October.

Malaysians on the southern end of the peninsular need not travel all the way to Kuala Lunpur as the Supercool team based in Johor Bahru will also be featured in the HomeFair 2010 at Level 3, Persada Johor, International Convention Centre JB. With over 120 companies featured and over 370 booths installed, do take note that the company will be situated in booth no. C9 from th 15th of October till 17th of October.

Do take the opportunity to stop on by and visit the booths to catch the latest designs and best prices. The company is currently promoting the British-Bali Boutique collection that is pretty affordable with a price range of RM600 to RM3,000. Unlike generic Bali furniture, the British-Bali Boutique offers Bali based furniture with a British Colonial twist to add uniqueness to your outdoor landscape.

Customers will also be spoiled for choice as the entire range comes in assorted colours ranging from neutral, dark chocolate, light chocolate and classic white furniture. Incidentally, even the construction material offered ranges from all types of wood from Chengal to Resak, Balau to Merbau as well as Keranji and is customizable according to the customer’s preference.

The collection of British-Bali Boutique outdoor furniture itself can also be spread into four distinctive styles as well, namely the English Country Style, Tropical Southeast Asia style, Bali Garden Style and Natural Style. True to the Supercool concept of “Professional, Popular and Creative”, the British-Bali Boutique furniture is made up of pieces specifically designed by internationally recognised designers to ensure that the final product is not only functional, but is also a piece of art. Each piece is also handmade at the Supercool factories as to further certify that customers will be the only ones to own these exclusive pieces of furniture.

According to Royce Loy, Creative Director of Supercool Culture Sdn Bhd, the best sellers of the range are the swings, benches, lamps and charming outdoors houses for pets so do make sure you check out those products at the home expo. If you can’t wait for the exhibition, Spercool Creative Culture Sdn Bhd also owns two offices. The headquarter is based in Kuala Lumpur, but the company also owns another office in Johor Bahru. Log on to the official Supercool website for more contact details.

Until then, keep yourself updated by checking out the Supercool blog for more news and upcoming events by the Supercool company!

September Product Highlight : Pergola


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For the product feature this month, we’ve chosen to highlight the awesomeness of the Pergola design.  A pergola is quite simply a means of not only decorating your outdoors, but it also has the practical function of allowing your loved ones to stroll around the house in a shaded pathway. For the added romantic effect, many customers have a penchant for allowing vine-type plants to grow along the pergola as well. In Malaysia, orchid lovers use Pergolas as areas to hang and display their orchid plants which petals are delicate enough to need protection from sunlight.

Of course, some would argue that a skylight could just as easily replace the role of a pergola, but it all comes down to a matter of personal choice and taste. While the skylight is suited for modern and sleek homes, the pergola also has its own charms of bringing the homeowners closer to nature.

As we all know, the current weather can be very harsh and unforgiving. Occasionally, even stocking up with iced lemon tea and having your air-conditioner at full blast is simply not enough to keep you cool on a hot Sunday afternoon. The shadier your home is, the less chances there will be of your home over-heating. This means that even when it is not in use, the Pergola indirectly creates more shaded areas around your home, thereby helping the homeowner to reduce energy waste while still allowing you to keep your cool composure. Of course, it goes without saying that this would also mean that having a Pergola will also help you to save costs in the long run as well.

Supercool Creative Culture Sdn Bhd currently offers its clientele four types of Pergola designs for their home. The Tropical Pergola design features tropical hardwood and roof tiles. This Pergola is designed based on the Balinese Tropical Garden concept where the roof of the Pergola matches the current home’s existing roof tiles in order to give the illusion of a continuing pattern. The Pergola has a natural timber finishing that is water resistant and is ultra violet protected to guarantee robustness through a period of time.

The Breeze Pergola, on the other hand, features tropical hardwood and replaces the roof tiles for polycarbonate material. Similar to the Tropical Pergola, the Breeze Pergola is also designed to match the structural concept of the actual house in order to make the house look larger. This wood for this pergola construction has also undergone surface treatment to ensure that it too lasts for a long time.

Next, we have the England garden Pergola that is made up of solid hardwood. Customers usually select this pergola when they want to add a hint of the British Colonial element to their tropical home. For added effect, vines and climbing plants are usually allowed to grow along the pergola as well.

Finally, we have the very interesting Natural Light Pergola that features tropical hardwood and highly transparent glass that mixes old school classic wood deco with modern design. As its namesake, Natural Light Pergola will allow ample light into the pergola to give a cheerier effect at home.

While we are on the topic of Pergola, do take some time to check out Supercool’s collection of Gazebos as well, as these two furnishings would complement each other greatly.

Pergola for a Stylish Living Space


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Nature’s beauty is inviting. The natural breeze and fresh scent of flowers and trees as well as the beautiful scenery of your yard is tempting. Do you want to enjoy these things but are hindered by the sun’s harmful rays brought by global warming? Do not fret anymore because you can now install your very own pergola in the privacy of your home and appreciate nature’s blessings.

The pergola is an overhead structure providing a shaded passageway. It has pillars to support cross-beams and sturdy open lattice. Traditionally, woody vines are trained on the pergola to provide the shade. Pergola can also be an extension of a building or a house to serve as protection.

Pergolas are made of timber woods especially processed to become first class natural hardwoods that are water resistant, UV resistant, strong enough to stand the test of time. These are then coated with imported coating materials to protect from insects and fungi attack. The coat is also used to preserve the natural look of the wood and extends wood life.

The adverse effect of global warming is harmful to human’s skin. People who love the outdoor are confined to stay inside their houses instead of enjoying the serenity of nature. However, there are ways to eliminate the problem of heat and pursue a comfortable living space close to nature.

Building or adding a pergola into your house will definitely get you enjoy and bring back the nostalgia of that old outdoor camp. Pergolas have various functions such as protection from direct penetration of sunlight, preventing uncomfortable sunrays to hit our eyes and serve as shield to protect other outdoor furnishings. Pergolas also add beauty and style into your home. It gives your home an extraordinary and distinctive look which will make your living space stand out from the rest.

Pergolas do not only provide protection from harsh weather conditions but also provide a space where you can entertain guests and visitors. The added structure into your home expands your space and allows you to invite friends to come over without worrying about small living room areas.

Pergolas have various styles to choose from. You can go over tropical pergola, breeze pergola, England garden pergola, and natural light. These styles are different from each other and can be customized according to customer’s needs. The creative and unique designs will surely fit your house’s structural concept and make a difference into your lifestyle.

Roof Tiles


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Roof tiles are designed to provide shield from rain and heat of the sun. Traditionally, roof tiles are made from clay or slate. However, these days, roof tiles are also made of concrete materials.

Why choose roof tiles for your home?

More and more people are turning to roof tiles when selecting for a roofing materials. Roof tiles have a wide variety of color, styles, sizes and shapes to choose from. These have become an option because of their durability, quality, and style.

Roof tiles have numerous advantages.

Roof tiles are lasting. They are durable and built to last a lifetime. There are even roof tiles, clay or concrete tile roofs that are still performing well even though they have age 100 years. These are often found in European countries.

Roof tiles are economfical. You do not have to change roofs for years because they are durable. They are impervious to mold, rot and water damage that can destroy most kinds of roofing materials.

Roof tiles are disaster resistant. They can resist fire, hails, strong winds, and other extreme outdoor conditions.

Roof tiles have insulating properties. They can keep the inside temperatures of the house cool in summer and warm in winter, especially clay roof tiles. Clay roof tiles have the ability to reflect heat from the sun instead of absorb.


Roof tiles are very costly. Clay roof tiles have a higher price range as compared to concrete roof tiles and other roofing products.

Roof tiles are heavy so do make sure that the structure can provide adequate support to the roof tiles.

For a reputable manufacturer of roof tiles, contact Supercool Creative Culture to provide you with quality products and services.

Roof tiles require low maintenance. A yearly inspection will be sufficient to remove leaf debris that may have accumulated for the whole year round. It is also done to check cracked or damaged roof tiles caused by extreme weather conditions and have them repair or replace to prevent further damage.

British Bali Furniture


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Do you love nature and the classic look of England’s way of life? Do you want to hear the sound of humming birds, gentle breeze of the air and experience nature close to you?

British Bali furniture is a collection of outdoor furniture products that combine England’s country lifestyle and Balinese island resort lifestyle. These outdoor furniture products are based on the concepts of “Professional, Popular, and Creative”.


British Bali furniture is designed by outstanding and well-known international designers. These are solely manufactured by Supercool Creative Culture, whose manpower is equipped with professional trainings and skills to produce quality products.
British Bali furniture is made from tropical hardwoods like Chengal, Balau and Resak, treated to become water resistant and UV resistant to stand the test of time. They are very durable and can even withstand long exposure under the sun.
British Bali furniture is 100% handmade with utmost care by skillful professionals whose craftsmanship is incomparable.

British Bali furniture is a collaboration of ideas of popular international designers to come up with designs that can outskirt other popular pieces of outdoor furniture.

British Bali furniture is a product of incorporating England’s country lifestyle and Balinese island resort lifestyle into one to show creativity and style in your living environment. The creative ideas are presented to make your home stylish, creating differences into your lifestyle.

British Bali furniture has four collections of outdoor furniture. These are the English Country Style, Tropical Southeast Asia, Bali Garden Style and Natural Style. Each collection is uniquely designed to meet and provide the requirements of your lifestyle.

Supercool Creative Culture is the sole manufacturer of British Bali furniture. The company respects a fair, honest and trustworthy business relationship with our customers and we ensure that the quality of our products will exceed customers’ satisfaction.

Supercool Creative Culture


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Supercool Creative Culture Sdn Bhd has been in the market for five years and counting. It was founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 2004. It was co-created by three young professionals- Royce Loy, Larry Yong and Chai Huen Hey in their pursuit of excellence in providing quality services and products to enhance home beautification and lifestyle.

Supercool has collaborated with Home Landscape Creative Centre, a potential firm in providing home landscaping ideas. The collaboration has paved the way of becoming the no. 1 brand in Malaysia and is continuously growing to become an internationally recognized corporation in providing and creating an ideal home environment for every lifestyle.

The company offers services and products on outdoor furniture to enhance your lifestyle and make a difference. It has various products on outdoor furniture to add beauty and life into your home. It provides garden furniture, landscape design ideas and other outdoor furniture to let you enjoy the coolness of outdoor dining and resting while chatting with family and friends even when the sun is at its hottest due to global warming.

The products and services include the construction and installation of the following:

1. Pergola
2. Timber gate
3. Timber deck
4. Timber fence
5. Roof tiles
6. Gazebo
7. Skylight
8. British Bali furniture
9. Garden Furniture like timber swings, rocking chairs and many more.

Supercool aims for excellence and quality service. The people behind this company want to ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality products made of natural hardwoods processed to endure ultraviolet rays and rain in the long run. They are using first class natural hardwood which include Balau, Chengal, and Resak especially treated to become anti-humid, water-resistant and UV-resistant that will surely last for several years. They don’t just provide home improvement ideas but also consider options like customizing designs in accordance to customers’ preference. They offer unique style that is carefully crafted for quality by their well-trained and talented staff from designers, production, consultants as well as installation and maintenance to get the job done right, fast and easy. They do not just install their products but also keep contact to give professional advice suitable for individual’s personal needs in improving their living space.

If you love nature and enjoy the cool outdoor sight but fret with the harmful rays of the sun due to global warming, check out Supercool Creative Culture’s main office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and its branch at Johor, Bahru. You may also check their website at http://www.supercool.com.my or you may contact them though telephone number +603 5885 1180 or their email address at supercool_engineering@yahoo.com.my.

Why confine yourself in your home if you can enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors?

Supercool Skylight


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In this tough economy everyone is prowling the streets trying to figure out how to save money. As a matter of fact, we are not only facing the challenges of the economy but are also tested by our living situation- which is why every household or individual is challenged to help save energy for a greener environment.

How can we save?

Most families are trying to find solutions to problems like these. One way of solving this is installing a skylight into your house. The skylight is a structure placed at the roof of a building or house to allow natural light to travel and brighten the interior of a building or house that do not receive much daylight. It is often installed in places like hallways, walk-in-wardrobes, bathrooms, living rooms and verandas.

Advantages of Skylight

The skylight is one of the solutions to solve lighting problems in buildings and even in residential spaces. It offers a lot of benefits besides obviously providing free and natural daylight. One of the major advantages of having a skylight is energy efficiency. Since natural daylight is used to brighten your residential or building premises, you don’t have to turn on the lights which means a cut down cost on your electricity bills. Skylight is also environment friendly as using this can save a lot of energy.

It is also one way of preventing over heating especially in places with tropical climates. Another advantage of having a skylight is creating a stylistic feel to your home. If it is installed properly, the skylight can make your home distinctively fashionable. It  not only provides natural ventilation but also gives you the option to incorporate style into your home.


We at Supercool Creative Culture are proud of the quality of our skylights. It is constructed from mild steel and polycarbonate sheet. Polycarbonate is a material that can resist direct sun rays. We are also using imported materials to ensure the quality of our products. Our polycarbonate materials are direct imports from Korea, Switzerland, and Taiwan. We use only the best quality of polycarbonate materials to produce an optimum cooling effect and provide a comfortable living space. We respect an honest, fair and trustworthy business relationship thus we ensure that our polycarbonate materials have 10 years warranty from our manufacturers.

For a very challenging world, skylight is the perfect choice.

August Product Highlight : British-Bali Boutique


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We at Supercool Creative Culture Sdn Bhd have combined forces with an internationally recognized designer to bring you the culmination of Malaysia’s favourite Balinese furniture with a British colonial twist – think of having a sip of English Breakfast and butter scones while lounging on white cotton pillows propped up against natural solid tropical hardwood set in the backdrop of your very own outdoors.

The British-Bali Boutique range itself comprises of four distinctive collections called the English Country Style, Tropical Southeast Asia, Bali Garden Style and the Natural Style. The entire range is called British-Bali Boutique with the intent of symbolising that this furniture is the key element to providing comfort mixed with luxury in every man’s home. Rest assured that having one of these sets in your house will certainly ensure to set you apart from your neighbours as while others are still investing in teak wood Balinese furniture, you have surpassed the Bali island resort-type of design and will instead own one of the trendiest infusion of teak wood Balinese furniture with a twist of English Country elements.

The quality of the furniture is also pretty much  guaranteed, as each piece of furniture is 100% handmade by local tropical woods. Likewise, each and every piece featured in the collection has also been given the stamp of approval by Supercool’s international designer in order to ensure that customers are not only buying long-lasting furniture, but they are also buying a piece of artwork for their home.

Currently, the most popular products from the Britsh-Bali Boutique range encompasses swings, benches, lamps as well as charming kennels for house pets such as cats and dogs. Customers are not only spoiled for choice when it comes to product design, but will also be impressed to know that they can now choose the material of the furniture which varies from Chengal, Balau and Resak according to their personal choice.

All of the wooden material used in construction of your British-Bali Boutique furniture has been surface treated to ensure that it can withstand humid weather and is weather-proof over a long period of time. This means that regardless of whether your home will be experiencing a heavy downpour or endure days of scorching hot sunlight, your Britsh-Bali furniture will still retain it’s great rustic look with no maintenance necessary. Even under harsh and indecisive Mediterranean weathers, the Britsh-Bali furniture is expected to last for over 20 years.

The Supercool Creative Culture Sdn Bhd team is the sole manufacturer of British-Bali Boutique furniture, so be sure to check out their latest designs at their up and coming exhibitions. You can catch Supercool at HomeDec 2010 from 30th September 2010 to 3rd October 2010. If the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center is too far for you, check them out at Johor’s HomeFair 2010 instead from 15th October to 17th October 2010.

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