Supercool Creative Culture Sdn. Bhd was founded with its main objective of offering premium quality polycarbonate roofing, pergolas, decks, skylights and many more of the sorts. More than 10 years, we have rapidly developed into an established roofing business. We are now one of the leading roofing brands in Malaysia, and we are aiming high to reach international recognition.

Supercool invests heavily on ensuring premium quality in our roofing products. We insists in selecting only premium raw materials like timber to craft products to help protect your home. Our design philosophy for polycarbonate roofing borrows strong classic Balinese island resorts' accents into your home. We beautifully marry the design essence of timbers with modern technology that boasts quality. Your roofing selection from Supercool will be an extension of the outdoor lifestyle creation at home. Our website offers a comprehensive view over our extensive portfolio of polycarbonate roofing, pergolas, decks, gazebos, railing and more, with pursuit for excellence, integrity and honesty.


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